On Writing Sex Scenes and Reviewing Masks are Bullshit

So, this last week, I’ve been in the process of a big move and as a result, I haven’t finished this week’s refutation/review of Chapter 3. While it is true that I can push out something half-baked and poorly cobbled together, that’s what Kevin does and I don’t want to do that to my community. My refutation of Chapter 3 is coming out next Saturday and the refutation will resume as normal. However, I’ve also been a bit distracted with something else.

How my writing is going

Take a look, for example, at my writing stats on my Freewrite for the last week:

I’ve been stuck on writing a sex scene between my two main characters in my current novel. In fact, it was only yesterday when my word count added to the novel exceeded 200. And it’s only because I decided to shelve the sex scene and continue with the narrative.

Only problem is that the heat level of this story is supposed to be burning/melting. While I’m fully aware that I’m no longer writing this to be part of a collection/series, I’ve already started the novel with this heat rating in mind. And, like my characters, I don’t want to go off half-cocked.

I know full well that these scenes need to exist, and I’m trying to write them. But the most important thing is to get words on the page. Or, in my case, the e-ink screen.

So, why do I have to delay Masks are Bullshit?

Put simply, I had other shit to do.

Boxes to pack, cans to take to the bottle depot, I’m moving to the middle of nowhere. Partly because the job market in Alberta sucks ass. Partly because the isolation should make it easier for me to focus on my novel.

So yeah, I’m hoping to get better at writing these scenes. And, of course, I’ll rebut chapter 3 of Kevin’s shitty, shitty book next week. I also reached out to Kevin about a copy of his other book, Lacrosse is Dead, and I have yet to respond. I’m aware, I also know that he wrote back to me. I’m not ignoring this, I’m just busy.