In “Masks are Bullshit”, Kevin J. Johnston is Obsessed With Justin Trudeau

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In chapter 2, Kevin J. Johnston purports to describe what a coronavirus is. Honestly, I think if you really want to understand viruses, I’m going to recommend a course at Khan Academy. Specifically, intro to viruses. This will help me keep this post shorter and skip past most of his chapter and focus on the wrong or slightly interesting bits. But before we start, we have to get into a bit of admin work. Because he’s now aware that I’m debunking his nonsense.


Why I Cover Kevin J. Johnston

So, Kevin decided to post a video on Twitter about why millennials cover/talk about Kevin J. Johnston. He likens not paying attention to his shit to “changing the channel” and other such idioms. Here’s the one simple thing he forgets though:

He runs for public office frequently.

Seriously, Kevin. You want to be our Mayor in this beautiful city you and I call home. As far as I know, you ran for Mayor thrice. And you run on the most batshit insane platforms that one can run for public office on. You run your campaigns with hate and division against muslims, trans people, women, and other minority groups that you happen to despise. You fearmonger about things that would improve the lives of Calgarians. These include:

  • Wearing masks during a pandemic.
  • 15 minute cities (because heaven forbid we have walkable cities)
  • Mosques
  • Taxes. (Because heaven forbid government is able to pay for services we can all enjoy).

Shortly after your last run for public office, you went to Dawson Creek, British Columbia to participate in an anti-mask superspreader event. Then, after the event was done, you went into NoFrills without a mask, stole a bar of soap, and punched the manager.

However, you didn’t stop your criminality there. Your mayoral campaign featured harassing and threatening Alberta Health Services employees. The mayoral candidates all had to agree to band together and support Elections Calgary in denying every candidate elector data so that you couldn’t get your hands on it. So that you couldn’t find the personal details of your personal enemies and harass them.

But you’re upset with how people talk about you? Honestly, fuck you. You put your bile out onto every social media network that’ll have you and you think you can dictate the rules of engagement? The hell you do!

People died because of your misinformation, asshole.


Kevin J. Johnston Warns Us: “Masks Are Bullshit” Is Full of Shit

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In covering the two introductions “Masks are Bullshit” has, is it any wonder that there is MORE front matter1? Kevin titles Chapter 1 “The Warning”, but the more I read through it, the more it reads like a half-assed attempt at a trigger warning combined with a thesis statement. I thought right-wingers were supposed to be against trigger warnings?


Reading Masks Are Bullshit: The Introductions, Part 1

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So, I saw that Kevin J. Johnston was offering his e-book, Masks are Bullshit, for free on his website. It is full of his COVID denialist nonsense, hastily written to try to jump on the right-wing grifter gravy train that made a lot of hay out of demonizing measures to control the spread of COVID-19. And I’ve decided to start a new thing called my Crazy Book Club, where I write deep-dives of crazy books by right-wingers.