First Draft of My Author Brand Logo!

First Draft of the Signature Logo

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  • First Draft of My Author Brand Logo!

So, I took Artlogo up on their offer of a handwritten, signature logo for my author brand. I know it’s usually not a good idea to buy things off of Facebook, but this piqued my interest. Especially since I’ve been thinking about how to establish my author branding while I’m writing and getting my first novel published.

What is Artlogo?

Artlogo, in case you didn’t know, is a service advertising on Facebook that they offer handwritten signature logos. So far, I think it looks pretty darned good. Since I couldn’t find an honest testimonial from a customer of Artlogo, I felt that it would be a good idea to talk about the process.

The price was a bit higher than I would have liked to pay. I paid $309.70 Canadian. This includes the following items:

  • A handwritten logo signature for $99.95.
  • An initials edition for $39.95.
  • All formats of the logo (Adobe Illustrator, JPEG, PDF, and SVG) for $39.95.
  • E-mail signature templates for $39.95, even though Hey doesn’t support images in their signatures.
  • Business card template for $39.95.
  • Social media pack templates for $49.95… wonder if they work with Adobe Spark…

The First Draft of My Handwritten Signature Logo

Full version of the First Draft of the Logo

I thought of a couple of revisions that might improve this logo. Apart from that, however, it looks pretty darn good and I think I made the right choice. I placed the order last Friday and this is what I got via e-mail yesterday.

The initials version of my author brand

For some variety, I also ordered an initials-only version of the logo. Apart from wanting a version with text around the logo to make a sort of seal, I think it came out pretty well too.

The initials-only version of my author brand.

My Artlogo Review, in Summary

I’m currently thinking about how I can use these logos. I’m also contemplating paying for the watercolour version, the animated version, and a nicer, more graphical version. Needless to say, I am incredibly happy with how this is coming along. While it’s pricier than I would like, I think I got relatively good value for my money so far and this will advance my author brand.

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