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My Theme for 2024: Energy

So, 2024 is now here and while most people come up with resolutions for the new year, I’m a bi…

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Writing Romance During a Breakup

So, I’m working on a fairly big romance novel and honestly, it ebbs and flows. I’m curre…

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On Writing Sex Scenes and Reviewing Masks are Bullshit

So, this last week, I’ve been in the process of a big move and as a result, I haven’t fi…

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In “Masks are Bullshit”, Kevin J. Johnston is Obsessed With Justin Trudeau

In chapter 2, Kevin J. Johnston purports to describe what a coronavirus is. Honestly, I think if you…

Why I Cover Kevin J. Johnston

So, Kevin decided to post a video on Twitter about why millennials cover/talk about Kevin J. Johnsto…