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a woman in a face mask using her cellphone, contrary to Kevin's claim that masks are bullshit.
Seriously? Part 2 for the Introduction to Masks are Bullshit?

Last week, I made a poor choice in choosing to review “Masks are Bullshit” for my new se…

delivery man wearing a face mask and riding a bicycle.
Reading Masks Are Bullshit: The Introductions, Part 1

So, I saw that Kevin J. Johnston was offering his e-book, Masks are Bullshit, for free on his websit…

The front page of Github Pages.
Expressing Yourself On the Web: Jekyll & Github Pages

Yesterday, in my series about expressing yourself on the web, I talked about Neocities and the expre…

Screenshot of the Neocities front page.
Expressing Yourself on the Web: Neocities

In this week-long series on expressing yourself on the web, I want to talk about five separate servi…

A container ship being unloaded.
How to Not Pay Outrageous UPS’ Brokerage Fees

So, I bought myself a Freewrite Hemmingway Special Edition Smart Typewriter a couple of weeks ago. A…